Spices and Sauces

We carry a variety of spices ranging from Adobo to Za’atar.

Indian food is currently very popular and we have a number of curry and masala pre–blended spices – Keema, Madras, Maharajah, Tandoori and Vindaloo curry & Garam and Tikka Masala. We also carry many of the individual spices necessary to blend your own curry spices. Green cardamom pods are the freshest and most flavorful way to use cardamom. We also carry the cardamom already ground for those busy times when you just need it quickly.

Cinnamon comes in several varieties. The true Canela cinnamon is native to Ceylon (Sri Lanka). It is a tan brown in color and has a delicate sweet flavor with subtle notes of clove. Its cousin is the much more common Cassia. It is a reddish dark brown and has a more pungent, full–bodied taste. It is known by several names and types such as Korintje or Saigon Vietnamese and is the cinnamon with which we are all most familiar.  We carry all three of these products.

We also carry some hard to find spices such as: Anise, Annatto, Fennel, Fenugreek, Fines Herbs, Grains of Paradise, Herbs de Provence and Syrian Za’atar. If there is a special spice that we don’t carry, please contact us and we will try to get it for you. Because I order frequently and in small quantities, our spices are fresher and more flavorful than grocery store spices.

We carry a variety of sauces to include, steak sauces (Tamarindo Bay, Tobago Keys), gourmet sauces (Makers Mark, Wild Turkey), BBQ sauces (Wild Turkey, Historic Lynchburg and Ole Ray’s), marinating (Delicaé, Mr. Mojo) and the famous Lizano from Costa Rica.

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